Friday, March 25, 2011

From Beyond and The Picture in the House - in 3-D!

I've been working my ears off producing these readings over the last few weeks, and as of yesterday, they're finally available!

You can hear From Beyond with Bruce Green here, or The Picture in the House with Andrew Leman here.

But that's not all - these readings are also available together in 3-D audio!


It sounds way more advanced than it is. Basically, you play this track from one device, and when it cues you (or your friends - this is best done with more than one person), you play this track from another device and this track from yet another separate device. All of this is available as well from

It's basically low-tech surround sound - but where you position your speakers, what types of devices you play from, where you place them in the room, and slight delays in synchronicity create a different listening experience every time. My wife and I took it for a test run on a rainy night last week, and it was pretty cool!

The whole idea was inspired by a Flaming Lips concept album called Zaireeka. Hopefully a few folks will take our presentation for a test run!